"I just wanted to give you some feedback about my son's therapy because we couldn't be happier.
I just took him skating and scooter riding in the park last weekend and he could skate and ride steady with a center of gravity that was not there in August.
2 years ago we could not stay for Thanksgiving because he was so over stimulated --he wasn't behaving safely at our cousins house, but this year he did fine for 4 hours, then we took a walk, and he was good the rest of the visit. Much more self control.
He handles disappointment without melting down, is sleeping better, concentrating better on school work, book reading and listening, more patience/tolerance with tooth brushing.
I also have used some of the phrases and mannerisms you use to encourage him to behave rather than direct him in a controlling way. I think that is a really important unexpected outcome, is that we are learning to speak his language better by seeing what you do.  Just want you to know how much we appreciate you. Thank you, Jodi, for sharing your talents with us and supporting him."  
~Elizabeth Sharon, Norman, OK

"TheraFUNction has helped my boys in ways I couldn't think of.  They help us to get the boys on the path of independence.  They have shown them how to be more confident when attempting tasks in general.  They've worked with their school at times to help accommodate the boys.  I feel that TheraFUNction will go the extra mile to get every ounce of potential from all of their enrollees."  ~Arthur Crockam, Moore, OK

"We love the therapists at TheraFUNction.  They always make my children feel welcome and my kids love going.  They get to learn new skills in a comfortable, caring, and playful environment." ~Kim Shelton, Norman, OK

"TheraFUNction has been a wonderful experience!  Both of my children have flourished since starting therapy.  My daughter has more self confidence now in her speech than ever before and my son has learned valuable self regulation techniques that have preserved my sanity!  Thank you TheraFUNction!" ~Desirre DeLorge, Midwest City, OK

"When my daughter started at TheraFUNction, she had such strong aversions to loud noises, laughter and textures that she would have panic attacks at 1 year old.  After 6 months of working with our OT, Jessica, she is a much happier child and can enjoy social situations now.  She is even starting to talk and walk which we were told might not happen until she was 4 or 5 years old.  TheraFUNction has been instrumental in helping her come out of her scary bubble and into our actual world.  I will forever be grateful to everyone at TheraFUNction for all they have done for my daughter." ~Katy Sursa, Moore, OK 

"I am so thankful for the day I met Jodi Jennings.  Jodi is passionate about her profession and is an experienced Occupational Therapist.  I have three sons ages 4, 6, and 8 that have been receiving therapy from Jodi over six years.  She has evaluated and formulated a treatment program specific to each of their individual needs, and has addressed issues such as interactions in social settings, focusing in school, handwriting skills, body awareness, muscular weakness, and coordination.  Jodi is skilled in so many different treatment approaches that she can easily tailor each of their programs to ensure success.  Jodi broadens her treatment options by continually attending courses on the latest techniques in occupational therapy.  My children have had wonderful results with craniosacral therapy, listening program, deep pressure techniques, vestibular training, and many more treatments. Their latest report card from school has reflected the tremendous improvement each of them has made with therapy.  If you are looking for a hard working, caring and dedicated therapist then Jodi Jennings is the perfect OT." ~Paulette Massaro, PT

"Jodi has worked with both of my sons in OT over the past several years, helping them with their specific challenges.  She has been creative in her approach, dynamic in her practice and a real partner in helping my children feel comfortable in their bodies and with others.  She had an immediate connection with both boys and matched their needs as they evolved.  I always felt an ongoing dialogue with her about my boys' progress and challenges. Simply put, Jodi changed our lives because of her intuition, patience and knowledge.  I am so grateful we got to work with her!" ~Christina Gantcher, M.Sc., Gentle Sleep Coach

"I have been bringing my granddaughter to TheraFUNction for five weeks now.  She is 7 years old, soon to be 8, and has never wanted to or tried to color.  Her teachers at school have always said that all she will (I say 'can') do is scribble.  She cannot hold the crayon properly and cannot stay in the lines.  Because of this, she has never wanted to color.  Last week, on the evening after her session with Joan, she went to her room and played a CD on the her sterio.  She came out an hour later and gave me many pages out of her coloring books that she had colored.  The pictures were colored between the lines and changed colors on the same page.  This is the first time she has ever wanted to color and she did it on her own.  She was very proud of herself and made me a box to keep all the pages in.  I cried tears of joy and she said, 'Someone needs a hug'."  ~Cindy Wanner, Norman, OK

"Our daughter was diagnosed with SPD almost a year ago.  We started seeing our OT in January.  I remember her going over our plan for our daughter and expectations of therapy and thinking there is no way we are going to see results like this.  Boy was I wrong.  Almost immediately we began noticing a difference in her behavior.  We went from a little “toddler terrorist” that would dictate every aspect of our household to a much more tolerant child.  Before therapy we could not take our daughter to public places because there was just too much stimulation, but now we can go to the grocery store weekly.  We are even to the point of being able to leave her at Sunday school with no tears.  Joan is very laid back and child focused.  She always makes a plan for therapies we can be doing at home and always includes her twin sister in the therapy sessions.  Joan has also been a great resource for more information about SPD and has given us several other people we have added to her circle of care.  I highly recommend Joan and TheraFUNction; they have made it so we can truly enjoy our family again. ~Dr. Stephanie Brand, Norman, OK